The truth about subscription boxes. Why did I choose to unsubscribe from Topbox and Ipsy?

Hello everyone!

Today I have something different for you guys. I had this post in my mind for a long time now, because I think this subject is worth discussing.

So back in January this year I decided to unsubscribe from all of my subscription boxes – Topbox and Ipsy. There are few things that triggered my decision, so let’s divide it into categories.


Most of the subscription boxes do not have an option of customizing your package, which is a definite disadvantage. That results in getting products that will not work for you, that you will not like, or that you do not need.

Even if you get an item that you love, let’s say a lipstick, then it is not guaranteed that that particular colour will suit your skin tone. Or maybe it will suit you, but it is not something that you would wear.

So are all customized boxes great and lovely? The answer is no. I found that customizing your box does not work much better than having a box without that option. There are hundreds and hundreds of people subscribed to a certain service, and most of them have completely different features, and that is why it is impossible to get a fully customized box. Additionally, one product meant for blondes will not suit every single blonde. Period.

What we have to remember is that subscription boxes do not take into consideration what we like or what we do not. I get all this idea of trying something new that you have never tried before, but to be honest… no one will make me put on a bright purple nail polish or a purple lip paint.


Going along with the above, you have to ask yourself – am I going to use these products? After being subscribed to two different services for over half a year I can truly answer no. In every single package you get, you might find something you do not like, something that does not work for you, or something that just does not work as a product.

I still have a lot of products that I received in my drawers. They were either used once or twice (some make it to few times) or some I have never ever used. Oh, and I also gifted a lot of products to other people… That happens because I either do not like the product I receive, I do not have an opportunity to wear a particular product often, or I just have something that I own and like so much better. (Plus all of the reasons I stated above)

I had received a lot of different products that were just total fails for me. For example, hair products for kinky hair, eyebrow powder that is way to orange/brown for my eyebrows, a blush that is too dark, and many different products. I think the most frustrating thing was when I was receiving only lip glosses, even though I chose lipsticks in my customization quiz.

Just to to be fair, I have to add that some of the products I have received were great, but unfortunately there were more products that I did not like.


Subscription boxes usually cost from around 10$ to $45 a month, most often not including shipping. Considering everything above – it was just not working out for me.

I found that sometimes the value of the box is less than you paid. And also taking into consideration the customization and usage, it ends up that the personal value of the box decreases dramatically.

In my situation, paying for these subscription boxes was just a waste of money. Additionally, I am just a poor college student and I cannot afford throwing any money away. Also my New Year’s resolution was to save more money, so unsubscribing was a good first step.

These are all the reasons as to why I chose to unsubscribe from Topbox and Ipsy. Also, I am not trying to bash all the subscription box services, but this is how I feel about the ones I have tried, and the ones that I have been observing for a long time on different blogs and websites.

Please keep in mind that products I did not like can be good for someone else. This post is just a guideline on what to look at when subscribing or unsubscribing to a service. It is best to do your own research to be sure that a particular subscription suits you.

I hope you enjoyed my post. I am looking forward to reading your opinions in the comments!

Purpose of Blogging

It has been over two months since the last post on this blog. I do not even know why I have decided to write something today, although I wanted to many times before. Writing right now feels like having a conversation with an old friend that I have not talked to in a really long time. It feels slightly awkward and unnatural. It feels like I need to provide some kind of an explanation as for why I was absent for over two months, although I know that my absence did not affect anyone. Maybe I feel like I need to answer this question to myself?

So why did I abandon something that used to make me so proud and accomplished?

I think that the answer is more complicated than it might seem. People usually abandon their blogs because they get bored or they do not have time. They think that there is no one on the other side of the screen or they do not feel they have a purpose. A purpose.

When I began blogging I just wanted to create “something”. Something mine, something that would define me or help me express myself, in a place that others would care and appreciate my ideas and thoughts. Over time this idea started to vanish and in the end it was replaced for a feeling of pressure. A pressure for posting regularly, posting on time, posting something that people would want to read or things that for some reason I thought I had to publish. I stopped focusing on myself and on what I WANT to write about. I lost my purpose.

There are many more reasons for why I stopped writing. School, work, personal issues… But all started from that lost purpose, which made blogging feel like a chore. I think the worst thing that triggered the change in the way I looked at my blog was all these companies that I chose to partner with. Do not get me wrong. I was happy that all of them wanted to work with me, but in the end there was so many of them that the only posts on my blog were unboxings. I did not feel good about it at all, because writing these posts was not bringing me any fun or satisfaction. Instead I felt pressured to posting about something that I was not fully into.

I do not know if this sounds like a good explanation, but I feel like I am finally at peace after writing all this. I might start posting on this blog again, but only on my very personal terms.

For now I wish you all a wonderful day and I hope you will be seeing a post from me very soon.

I reached 1000 followers!!

Hello everyone!

This is just a very short post to announce that on December 9th 2014, I have reached 1000 followers!

It is an enormous achievement for me, because I have never thought that I would have so many great people following and reading my blog. It means a lot to me.

Huge thanks to every single person that follows my blog! Your support for these past 5 months has been amazing!

Beauty Box 5 November 2014 – Unboxing/Review


(Beauty Box 5 has sent me this box for the review purposes)

What is Beauty Box 5?

It is a monthly subscription service that offers 5 beauty related deluxe samples and full-sized products in each package.

  • Costs $12/month (cheaper with quarterly or yearly subscription)
  • Free shipping to the US (Canada – $3/month).



Dove – Deep Moisture Body Wash – $0.50/53mL

“Meet the Latest Beauty Breakthrough from Dove. With a rich lather and even more our gentlest cleansers, Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash will leave you with softer, smoother skin after just one shower”.

This is a little sample of a body wash. I like the smell of it. It will definitely come in handy while traveling.

HASK – Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil – $2.99/18mL (full size)

“Nuts for having healthy hair? We know you will cherish this ultra-hydrating oil just as much as we do! Apply a small amount to your ends after conditioning and watch dull strands come back to life”.

I really like HASK products, especially the Argan Oil, so I am very excited to try this!


Laura Ashley – Sweet Peony Body Butter – $3.30/50mL (full size?)

“Play princess for a day and indulge in this nourishing, rich lotion! For a maximum moisturizing moment, smooth it on post-shower while your skin is still damp for seriously smooth results with a sweet scent too”.

This is an average body butter. The smell is really gentle. This product absorbs very fast and leaves skin very smooth.

Nicka K New York – Eye Light Crayon in “Gold” – $4.49 (full size)

“This creamy shadow stick glides on easily and adds a pigmented pop of colour that lasts! BB5 tip: See the bottom cap? There is a hidden sharpener inside so you can use this crayon as a colourful liner too!”

I wanted to buy a gold eyeshadow for a very long time, so I am very happy that I have received this product. The colour is very pretty and I really like the concept with a hidden sharpener.


DenTek – Floss Picks+Case – $0.60/1 pack

“Floss in style with these adorable picks and colourful case!”

I only use regular floss, but I guess I will give this a go. There was also a coupon included for 1$ off a purchase of DenTek products.

This is all I have received in November’s Beauty Box 5. My favourite product in this box was the HASK Macadamia Oil, which I am very excited to use!

  • Overall value of the box: $11.88
  • If you would like to subscribe or get more information about Beauty Box 5 then go here.

Kawaii Surprises – Unboxing/Review


Hello everyone! I recently got a complimentary package from Kawaii Surprises, which I am very thankful for!

What is Kawaii Surprises?

It is a monthly subscription service offering variety of cute products from Japan, including gadgets, candy, accessories etc.

  • Huge selection of mystery boxes available (see all of them here).
  • Cost from $2.99 to $33.50 + shipping.
  • Offered worldwide.



What I have here is a pair of hello kitty socks, which are too small for me. I also received a little notepad and a pencil, which are adorable. I will definitely use them!


At first I thought that I have received a real donut, but no! This is a key chain/pendant, which is pretty big. I gave it to my sister and she loved it. There is also a little hamburger key chain/pendant as well. I still do not know what this cherry is supposed to be.


Next is this cute water bottle, which my sister took as well. The item on the right is an adorable correction tape.


Here we have a package of tissues, some stickers, as well as little post-it notes.

This is all I have received in Kawaii Suprises box. It was definitely the cutest box I have ever received. I found few items that I will definitely use, which I am really happy about. This subscription would be great for someone who loves cute, Japanese things. It is really hard to determine the value of these items, so it is up to an individual to decide if it is worth it. One thing you have to keep in mind that this subscription takes 1-3 weeks to arrive at the destination. Overall, it was really fun for me to unbox this box!

  • If you would like to subscribe or get some more information about the subscription, then go here.
  • Receive 10% off on your first order by using a code “tookawaii” at the checkout!

Topbox November 2014 – Unboxing/Review


What is Topbox?

It is a monthly subscription service that offers 4 beauty related products in each package.

  • Costs $12/month.
  • Free shipping.
  • Offered only in Canada.



UniqOne – All in One Hair Treatment – $1.20/9mL

“When UniqOne by Revlon Professional is applied to damp hair, it provides smooth, silky, shiny, protected hair without weighing it down. When applied to dry hair, refreshed the style, providing long-lasting, soft and silky finish without weighting down”.

I always use some leave in conditioners before or after I blow dry my hair, so I will definitely use this product.

Eyeko – Black Magic Mascara – $12/4mL

“Designed for after-hours seduction, our ultimate mascara combines three key elements to create drama, volume and curl, packaged into our iconic squeezy tube”.

This mascara has awesome reviews on Sephora’s website. Too bad I still have so many unused mascaras, because I am very excited to try this out!


Benefit Cosmetics – Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer – $3/1.2g

“Flawless works overtime! Our instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh & flawless hours. This invisible stick primer glides directly onto skin for optimal wear and natural looking finish”.

I never used any primers (I know, it is very embarrassing), so it is nice to receive a product like this. The reviews on this primer are very mixed, but I will see how it works for me.

Elizabeth Arden – Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum – $12/5mL

“This sheer lightweight liquid serum with micro-caplets helps reinforce skin’s essential moisture barrier, even skin tone, retexturize, and reduces the appearance of first signs of aging. Rejuvenates the look of tires skin for a more energized complexion”.

For a really long time I wanted to try some serums and I love the fact that I received a sample in this box! The packaging is beautiful and the reviews of this product are really great. I cannot wait to use this!

This is all I have received in my November’s Topbox. I really like all the products that I got. I am the most excited about using the serum! If you subscribe to Topbox then let me know what you have received this month!

  • Overall value of the box – $28.
  • If you want to become a Topbox subscriber then leave a comment with your e-mail address to receive an invitation.
  • See the unboxings of Topbox for the month of October | September | August | July.

Ipsy November 2014 – Unboxing/Review


I recently got my November’s Ipsy in the mail! The theme for this month is “Girl Meets Glitter”.

What is Ipsy?

It is a monthly subscription service that offers 5 beauty related products in each bag.

  • Costs $10/month.
  • Free shipping to the US (Canada – $4.95/month).



Oil of Morocco Argan Oil – Volume Shine Hairspray – $1.65/53mL

“Get extra volume, shine and hold with this dual purpose hairspray; nourishing and styling in one! This argan oil, keratin and grape seed oil infused hairspray gives you strong and flexible hold plus deep nourishment, strengthening and conditioning as you style”.

I really like Marc Anthony’s products. This is a nice, trial sized hairspray and I am very excited to give it a go.

Elizabeth Mott – you’re so FINE eyeliner in “Glitterati”– $17.99 (full size?)

“It’s not just any liquid eyeliner. With you’re so FINE’s micro-tipped brush, you can control your strokes to create dramatic, and sharp cat eyes! This brush is so control friendly that creating precise, symmetrical lines is ridiculously easy, so it’s perfect for first time liquid eyeliner users too”.

It looks like a full sized product to me, although I am not sure. First, I thought it was a regular, black eyeliner, but then I read that it has some glitter in it! Now I am very excited to use it!


Be a Bombshell Cosmetics – Eye Base in “Submissive” – $14/2.5g (full size)

“This eye base is a highly pigmented, long-lasting product that can be used as a single cream color or used as an eye base to build color”.

I really like this product. I do not normally buy eyeshadow (or eye bases in this case), so I really love getting some nice eye makeup.

J. Cat Beauty – Wonder Lip Paint in “Red Potion” – $4.99/10mL (full size)

“For invincible color and impeccable wear, the Wonder Lip Paint serves justice! With the twofold blend of endurance and delivery of intense pigmentation, this will become your heroine of lip colors. Paint your lips to perfection for your day and nighttime adventures!”

Who should I kill to finally get a lipstick? I am waiting and waiting and waiting, but I am losing patience. I even deleted lip gloss from my profile! Anyway… I tried to apply this lip paint, but it is really messy. Also the colour is too purple for me. Well, maybe I will use it one day… for Halloween or something like that.

TEMPTU – S/B Highlighter – $2.75/3mL

“A cult favorite of makeup artists around the globe, TEMPTU S/B Highlighter is the perfect product that goes on sheer for an overall illuminating and contouring effect. Light-reflecting and transfer resistant, S/B Highlighter glides on effortlessly for a brilliant complexion boost that contours to highlight your best features”.

I have never used a highlighter before, so this is a really nice product for me to try.

This is all I have received in my November’s Ipsy bag. I am really happy about getting the glittery eyeliner, as well as a highlighter and an eye base. I just wish I could finally get a lipstick!

  • Overall value of the box – $41.38
  • If you would like to become an Ipsy subscriber then go here.
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  • Read September’s Ipsy unboxing here.